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December 2012
PCC Happy Holidays! • Delivering Solutions • USPS Plans Six Mailing Promotions for 2013

October 2012
PCC Week a Success • Never too early to mail • Last Entry Date for Political Mail

September 20, 2012, Special Edition
2012 PCC Awards Winners Announced

July–August 2012
National PCC Week Revamped Event Scheduled Sept. 17–21

June 2012
National PCC Week Scheduled Sept. 18–20, 2012

May 17, 2012 Special Edition
Postal Service Moves Ahead with Modified Network Consolidation Plan

May 16, 2012 Special Edition
Paul Vogel named President, Digital Solutions; Nagisa Manabe new Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

May 9, 2012 Special Edition
New Strategy to Preserve the Nation’s Smallest Post Offices

May 2012
The Evolution of Automation

April 6, 2012 Special Edition
An Informative Get-Together • On-The-Go Shipping • Mail Technology and Innovation Get Nod • Reaching for Product Visibility

April 2, 2012 Special Edition
PMG Touts Importance of Innovation and Technology

March 2012
Countdown to NPF

March 8, 2012 Special Edition
Consumer and Industry Affairs VP to Retire in April

February 2012
Postal Service Communicates Results of Mail Processing Studies • USPS Losses Continue in First Quarter

January 2012
2012 Product and Service Enhancements


USPS PCC Insider

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Nov/Dec 2011
USPS Ends Year with $5.1 Billion Net Loss • Take a Second Look

October 2011
USPS Adjusts Mailing Services Prices For 2012 • Mobile Greetings

September 2011
A New Reality • Leading the Way to Excellence

August 2011
Keeping You Informed • Third Quarter Financials

July 2011
Expanding Access • New Arrives

June 2011
Personal, Tangible, Measurable • Simple Just Got Simpler • Adult Signature

May 2011
National PCC Leadership Conference Held at National Postal Forum • Simple Just Got Simpler • ‘Quick Response’ Expected to Mobile Barcode Promotion • Game On

May 5, 2011 Special Edition
Where Is The Mailing Industry’s Future? • Postal Service Recognizes Direct Mail Success • New! National Postal Forum Presentations Available Online For Attendees

May 3, 2011 Special Edition
Donahoe Vows To Strengthen Industry

April 2011
Postal Service Rejuvenates Grow Your Business Days • Sample Showcase Delivers Results for Product Marketers

March 28, 2011 Special Edition
PMG Announces Appointment of New Deputy Postmaster General

March 24, 2011 Special Edition
PMG Patrick Donahoe Reacts to PRC Decision on Five-Day Mail Delivery • PMG Continues Efficiency Improvements

March 2011
National Postal Forum • Hallmark and Postal Service Launch Postage-Paid Greetings • Meeting the Needs of a Dynamic Market • A Simpler Way to Calculate Mailing and Shipping Costs • Folded Self-Mailer Study in Last Stages

February 2011
Postal Service Launches New PO Box Services • Postal Service Begins 2011 with Loss in First Quarter • Uniform Pricing Keeps it Simple

January 2011
Donahoe Sworn in as 73rd Postmaster General • Simplified Addressing Expanded for City Routes • Gain Weight this Year • A Simpler Way to Receive • New Postal Service Pricing Announced

January 7, 2011 Special Edition
Postmaster General Restructures U.S. Postal Service


USPS PCC Insider

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December 2010
Patrick Donahoe Named Postmaster General • Postal Service Cushions Flat Rate Envelope Offering • New Regional Rate Box • New ‘Critical Mail’ Product

December 9, 2010 Special Edition
Postmaster General Announces Executive Leadership Team

December 3, 2010 Special Edition
Postal Regulatory Commission: ‘2011 Competitive Product Prices Comply’

November 19, 2010 Special Edition
Are Changes Needed to the Postal Law? • PCCs Share ‘Growth Ideas’ with USPS Leadership • Potter: ‘People are the Heart of the Mailing Industry’

November 2010
Postal Service Ends 2010 with $8.5 Billion Loss • USPS Revamps ‘How-To’ Direct Mail Website • Ship International Mail Online • 2010 Holiday Shipping Dates • Preparing For FSS Processing

November 2, 2010 Special Edition
U.S. Postal Service Announces 2011 Shipping Prices • Incentive Programs Included in PRC Filing

October 26, 2010 Special Edition
Postmaster General John Potter to Retire

October 15, 2010
Winning Ways • Exploring Innovation • Carrier Pickup Expansion

September 30, 2010 Special Edition
PRC Ruling on Price Filing

September 17, 2010 Special Edition
National PCC Day Innovation and Growth Ideas

September 15, 2010
National PCC Day • Outstanding!

September 10, 2010 Special Edition
Migrating to the IMb

August 17, 2010 Special Edition
USPS Seeks Reclassification of Standard Parcels

August 16, 2010
National PCC Day Sept. 15 • Exploring Innovation

August 5, 2010 Special Edition
USPS Ends Third Quarter with $3.5 Billion Loss

July 2010 Edition
Delivering the Future • Postal Service Expands Partnership • A World of Shipping Opportunities • Keeping the Public’s Trust

July 6, 2010 Special Edition
Postal Service Proposes Price Changes • Incentives Included in Price Filing

June 2010 Edition
Mailing and Shipping • Services Changes Planning a Future Mailing? • Squarely for Convenience

May 18, 2010 Special Edition
Fast Webinar

May 12, 2010
Postal Service Reports Continuing Losses • Deflection Standards • Deployment Changes • Power of Direct Mail

April 14, 2010 Special Edition
Shipping Is Key • In the Network • Celebrating Customer Success

April 13, 2010 Special Edition
Delivering the Future • Greetings, Postage Paid • Designed For Convenience

April 12, 2010 Special Edition
Increasing the Value of Mail through Innovation • PCC Leadership Conference

April 1, 2010 Special Edition
Five-Day Delivery Plan

March 24, 2010 Special Edition
Postal Service Outlines Five-Day Delivery Proposal

March 2010 Edition
National Postal Forum • Summer Sale Returns • Sign on for Success

March 9, 2010 Special Edition
PVDS Webinar March 10

March 2, 2010 Special Edition
Postal Service Outlines Action Plan For Future

March 1, 2010 Special Edition
PVDS Webinar

February 2010 Edition
USPS Begins 2010 With First-Quarter Loss • PVDS Webinar • Delivering the Count

January 2010 Edition
Up with Intelligent Mail Volume • Hassle-Free Returns • Designed to Deliver


USPS PCC Insider

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December 2009 Edition
One Billion • Delivering the Holidays • A New Flat-Rate Option

November 2009 Edition
Postal Service Ends 2009 with $3.8 Billion Loss • 2010 Shipping Prices

November 10, 2009 Special Edition
Intelligent Mail Services Update

November 4, 2009 Special Edition
Postal Service Announces 2010 Shipping Prices

October 2009 Edition
Message To Customers • Postmaster General Begins National Dialogue

September 2009 Edition
National PCC Day • Outstanding achievement

September 4, 2009 Special Edition
Direct mail supports cancer research foundation efforts

August 28, 2009 Special Edition
Summer Sale delivers

August 25, 2009 Special Edition
Postal Service continues cost-cutting actions

August 21, 2009 Special Edition
Fine-tuning FSS deployment • Direct mail use increasing despite competition, study says

August 2009 Edition
Ship now, pay later • Fresh incentive • Potter on Capitol Hill

August 7, 2009 Special Edition
Marketing in a recession

July 31, 2009 Special Edition
Why mail marketing endures

July 2009 Edition
Expanded eligibility • Call for papers for 2010

June 2009 Edition
One-stop shopping • Delivery fine-tuning • collaborative logisitics

May 20, 2009 Special Edition
Creating value

May 19, 2009 Special Edition
Power of the mail • Postal Service honors ‘Best in Class’ • NPF symposiums

May 18, 2009 Special Edition
Focused on the future, keeping service strong • PCC leadership conference • Intelligent Mail services add value to mail

May 2009 Edition
Blogging with the PMG • Take direct link to Business Customer Gateway

April 2009 Edition
May 11 price change • Let’s talk business • NPF symposiums

March 30, 2009 Special Edition
Price adjustment

March 20, 2009 Special Edition
Postal Service continues aggressive steps to cut costs

March 2009 Edition
Dial in for information • Read, respond, recycle