Postal Bulletin, Published Since March 4, 1880. PB 22062, November 1, 2001.

USPS is at war against terrorism. Working to keep employees, the public and the mail safe.


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USPS Is at War Against Terrorism

Administrative Services

Correction: Telephone Number to Use When
Ordering From the Material Distribution Center

New Software Package: Forms Automation

Customer Relations

Mail Alert

Domestic Mail

DMM Revision: Postage Meters (Postage
Evidencing Systems)

DMM Revision: Refunds and Exchanges for
Metered Postage

DMM Revision: Zebra Codes on Tray Labels

DMM Revision: Labeling List Changes

DMM Revision: Pickup Service

POM Revision: National Color-Code Policy for
Standard Mail

Revised Form: PS Form 5541, Pickup Service

Operation Dear Abby Mail for Members of the
Armed Forces - Suspended for 2001

Announcement: - Address Management Launches New Change-of-Address
Web Site

Fraud Alert

Counterfeit Postal Money Orders

Invalid Express Mail Corporate Account

Missing, Lost, or Stolen U.S. Money Order

Missing, Lost, or Stolen Canadian Money Order

Counterfeit Canadian Money Order Forms

800 Number Available to Verify Canadian Money

Withholding of Mail Orders

Domestic Mail (continued)

Pilot Test Extended: Priority Mail Drop Shipment
With Delivery Confirmation

APO/FPO Changes


Handbook Revision: F-12, Relocation Policy

Handbook Revision: F-15, Travel and Relocation

Correction: New International Reply Coupons,
Item Number 330600

Form W-5 Renewal

2002 Social Security and Medicare Tax

Federal Tax Withholding Exemption

International Mail

IMM Revision: Termination of International Money
Order Service - Zambia


Pictorial Cancellations Announcement

Correction: 2001 Stamps and Postal Stationery (Announcement 01-F)

Special Cancellation Die Hubs

Post Offices

Post Office Changes

Veterans Day Poster

Postal Employees

Correction: Handbook EL 801, Supervisor's
Guide to Safety -
Ordering Information

Clarification: RIF Competitive Areas for the U.S.
Postal Service

Thrift Savings Plan Policy Changes, TSP Open
Season, and PostalEASE

Thrift Savings Plan Policy Changes,
TSP Open Season, and PostalEASE Poster

Purchasing and Materials

Revised Form: PS Form 3553, Coding Accuracy
Support System (CASS) Summary Report -
Do You Know Why?

Ordering Instructions: Mandatory Sources for
Custodial Products

Contract Awarded: Information Technology
Support Services


Refunds for Meter Stamps

What's in Store

Postal Bulletin Distribution

Postal Bulletin Index

Semiannual Index PB 22055 (7-26-00)

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