Postal Bulletin, Published Since March 4, 1880. PB 22085, September 19, 2002.  Uniform allowance and international and military mail Christmas dates.

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Administrative Services

Handbook AS-701 Revision: Disposal of Computers, Laptops, Monitors, and Printers

Officials Who Install Postmasters and
Officers-in-Charge: PS Form 8020,
Report of Installation (Postmaster or

Warranty Extension: Gratis Warranty Under
Compaq ADEPT II Contract - Extended

Customer Relations

Mail Alert

Domestic Mail

DMM Revision: Postage Meters (Postage
Evidencing Systems)

DMM Revision: Parcel Select Exhibit ZIP Code

DMM Revision: Optional Increase in Minimum
Number of Pieces Required for Preparing 5-Digit Packages of Standard Mail Flats

2002 International and Military Mail Christmas

Notice: Business Mail Entry Unit Operations -
Proper Use of PS Form 3602-C

Overseas Military Mail


ELM 17 Revision: Employee and Labor Relations

USPS-NALC National Agreement: Changes to
Uniform Program Allowance, 2001-2006

Safety Alert: Fire Prevention Week -
October 6-12

Thrift Savings Plan Fact Sheet


Handbook Revisions: Travel Per Diem Rates - Handbooks F-15 and F-12

Handbook F-1 Revision/Correction: Stamp Stock Destruction

International Mail

ICM Update: International Customized Mail

Fraud Alert

All Personnel Processing Mail for Dispatch
Abroad: Foreign Order No. 468

Withholding of Mail Orders

Invalid Express Mail Corporate Account

Missing, Lost, or Stolen U.S. Money Order

Missing, Lost, or Stolen Canadian Money Order

Counterfeit Canadian Money Order Forms

Toll-Free Number Available to Verify Canadian
Money Orders


Stamp Announcement 02-44: Hawaiian

Stamp Announcement 02-45: Sea Coast
Nonprofit Stamp

Stamp Announcement 02-46: Happy Birthday Commemorative Stamp

Pictorial Cancellations Announcement

Special Cancellation Die Hubs

American Commemorative Collectibles

Post Offices

Ordering Instructions/Reminder: Miscellaneous Cardboard Boxes

Supply Management

Quick Pick List

Columbus Day Posters

Postal Bulletin Distribution

Postal Bulletin Index

Semiannual Index PB 22081 (7-25-02)

The Postal Bulletin is published biweekly; information is effective for one year unless it changes a permanent directive or unless otherwise specified.

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PB 22085: 7690-05-000-4850

PB 22084: 7690-05-000-4849

PB 22083: 7690-05-000-4848

PB 22082: 7690-05-000-4847

PB 22081: 7690-05-000-4846

PB 22080: 7690-05-000-4845

PB 22079: 7690-05-000-4844

PB 22078: 7690-05-000-4843

PB 22077: 7690-05-000-4842

PB 22076: 7690-05-000-4841

PB22075A: 7690-05-000-5051

PB 22075: 7690-05-000-4840

PB 22074: 7690-05-000-4839

PB 22073: 7690-05-000-4838

PB 22072: 7690-05-000-4837

PB 22071: 7690-05-000-4836

PB 22070: 7690-05-000-4835

PB 22069: 7690-05-000-4834

PB 22068: 7690-04-000-5675

PB 22067: 7690-04-000-5674

PB 22066: 7690-04-000-5673

PB 22065: 7690-04-000-5672

PB 22064: 7690-04-000-5671

PB 22063: 7690-04-000-5670

PB 22062: 7690-04-000-5669

PB 22061: 7690-04-000-5668

PB 22060: 7690-04-000-5667

PB 22059: 7690-04-000-5666

PB 22058: 7690-04-000-5665