Postal Bulletin, Published Since March 4, 1880. PB 22089, See page 8 for information on improving security effort.

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Administrative Services

Directives and Forms Update

Door, Keys, and LLVs - Postal Service Security Efforts
Need Improvement

Customer Relations

Mail Alert

Publicity Kit: Holiday 2002 Publicity Kit for

Domestic Mail

Correction/DMM Transformation: Ordering Information for
DMM 100

DMM Revision: Simplified Address Format for Letter-Size
and Flat-Size Standard Mail and Periodicals

DMM Revision: Metal Strapping Materials on Pallets

DMM Revision: Realignment of Buffalo and Pittsburgh
Postal Service Facilities for Deposit of DBMC Rate
Standard Mail and Package Services Machinable

DMM Revision: Uniform Thickness for Automation

DMM Revision: Standard Mail Flats in Letter Trays

Clarification: Periodicals Mail Entered at a Destination
Area Distribution Center

Holiday HAZMAT

2002 International and Military Mail Recommended
Christmas Mailing Dates Poster

Overseas Military Mail


ELM Revision: Employee Assistance Program

Notice: 2002 U.S. Savings Bonds Campaign Results

Thanksgiving Day Posters

Christmas Day Posters

Fraud Alert

All Personnel Processing Mail for Dispatch Abroad:
Foreign Order No. 471

Withholding of Mail Orders

Invalid Express Mail Corporate Account Numbers

Missing, Lost, or Stolen U.S. Money Order Forms

Missing, Lost, or Stolen Canadian Money Order

Counterfeit Canadian Money Order Forms

Toll-Free Number Available to Verify Canadian Money

Employes (continued)

2003 Social Security and Medicare Tax Withholding

Form W-5 Renewal

Penalty Overtime Exclusion

Christmas Pay Procedures for Rural Carriers

2002 to 2003 Leave Year - Annual Leave Carryover

Notice to all Employees: Thrift Savings Plan
Fact Sheet


Districts Migrating From SFAS to SAFR: SAFR Unit
Maintenance Application

Notice Available Online: Notice 25, Postal Accounting
Period Planning Schedule, Postal Fiscal Year 2003

Annual Vending Machine Income Report Due Soon

International Mail

ICM Updates: International Customized Mail


Pictorial Cancellations Announcement

Special Cancellation Die Hubs

Summaries of Recent USPS News Releases

Post Offices

Reminder: Retrieval of Plastic Label Holders

Round-Up Notice


What's in Store

Supply Management

Update: USPS Official Licensed Product Manufacturers
and Distributors

Notice: Heroes of 2001 Merchandise for Sale

Advertisement. Postal Service Official Licensed

New Excess Item Catalog Available to eBuy Users

I.M.P.A.C. Credit Card Holders: I.M.P.A.C. VISA
Payment Process

Postal Bulletin Distribution

Postal Bulletin Index

Semiannual Index PB 22081 (7-25-02)

The Postal Bulletin is published biweekly; information is effective for one year unless it changes a permanent directive or unless otherwise specified.

Ordering Information: Following is the list of postal stock numbers (PSNs) to use when ordering copies of the Postal Bulletin from the MDC:

PB 22089: 7690-05-000-4854

PB 22088: 7690-05-000-4853

PB 22087: 7690-05-000-4852

PB 22086: 7690-05-000-4851

PB 22085: 7690-05-000-4850

PB 22084: 7690-05-000-4849

PB 22083: 7690-05-000-4848

PB 22082: 7690-05-000-4847

PB 22081: 7690-05-000-4846

PB 22080: 7690-05-000-4845

PB 22079: 7690-05-000-4844

PB 22078: 7690-05-000-4843

PB 22077: 7690-05-000-4842

PB 22076: 7690-05-000-4841

PB22075A: 7690-05-000-5051

PB 22075: 7690-05-000-4840

PB 22074: 7690-05-000-4839

PB 22073: 7690-05-000-4838

PB 22072: 7690-05-000-4837

PB 22071: 7690-05-000-4836

PB 22070: 7690-05-000-4835

PB 22069: 7690-05-000-4834

PB 22068: 7690-04-000-5675

PB 22067: 7690-04-000-5674

PB 22066: 7690-04-000-5673

PB 22065: 7690-04-000-5672

PB 22064: 7690-04-000-5671

PB 22063: 7690-04-000-5670

PB 22062: 7690-04-000-5669