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Express Mail Sunday/Holiday Delivery Premium

Beginning March 3, the Postal Service will charge a premium for Express Mail delivery on Sundays and holidays. The premium will be $12.50 in addition to the regular Express Mail price. Our competitors charge a rate equal to this amount for Saturday delivery.

The Postal Service is the only shipping company that delivers 7 days a week. To leverage this advantage, and as part of a larger effort to increase market share and profitability of Express Mail, the Postal Service will charge a new Sunday and holiday Express Mail delivery premium of $12.50. The premium will be charged when customers want Express Mail for delivery on Sundays and federal holidays.

A customer whose Express Mail shipment would arrive on a Sunday or holiday — and who wants a lower-cost option — can choose to have the package delivered on Monday or the next business day after the holiday at the regular Express Mail price. Express Mail International items received from other countries will be delivered on Monday or the next business day after the holiday.

Current rules for the waiver-of-signature delivery option shipments will apply to all Express Mail shipments including Sunday/Holiday Delivery. The Express Mail Sunday/Holiday Delivery option will also be available to customers through alternate access channels like Click–N–Ship service, Shipping Assistant, WebTools, APCs, contract postal units (CPUs), and authorized PC Postage vendors.

Express Mail Sunday/Holiday Delivery pieces will be identified by Label 25, the new yellow-and-white Express Mail Sunday/Holiday sticker. This label will be applied at the retail counter. All Post Offices will receive a roll of 250 of the labels prior to launch. Offices will be able to order additional label quantities through eBuy or through the MDC.