Service Talk: Week — March 10–14, 2008

The Postal Service is promoting our award-winning Web site — — during the week of March 10–14, 2008. Select Post Offices, stations, and branches around the country are sponsoring events particularly directed toward small businesses during this week. The theme is “Today’s Mail Needs”

Our Web site,, is an ideal example of how working with the Postal Service is Quick, Easy, Con­venient. Customers can create shipping labels and pay for postage, find a ZIP Code, calculate postage, locate a Post Office, schedule a package pickup, ship and track pack­ages, hold mail, change their address, buy stamps, order shipping supplies, and much, much more — all from their own computers.

When you deliver mail to your small business custom­ers, tell them how easy it is to skip the trip to the Post Office by visiting We want our customers to know that just about everything they can do here at the Post Office, they can do online at — and save time and money in the process.

[Include the following paragraph if your Post Office is host­ing an event:]

Here in [insert name of community], we will be hosting our own Week event(s). Activities will include [summarize plans for the week]. When you deliver mail to your small business customers, invite them to our Week event(s).

We appreciate all you do to deliver the mail and to make the Postal Service the carrier of choice.

Thank you.