A cut above the rest

The Postal Service has an ally in its efforts to get more people to use Express Mail for their expedited shipping needs — Transguardian.com, an online shipping service that offers insurance and security for diamonds and other high-value items.

Transguardian.com President Jim Moseley says his company ships about 100,000 or more high-value pack­ages a day, with about 25 percent of them sent overnight. Moseley lets customers choose their shipping, but he says he “pushes them toward the Postal Service” because of Express Mail’s lower prices and its upfront — no hidden surcharges — pricing.

Moseley says surcharges greatly affect his customers’ costs. “They average anywhere from 10 to 160 percent of the total cost of the shipment,” he said. “We deal in expen­sive items, and many customers pay extra for a signature certification. Combine that with surcharges for residential delivery, air fuel, Saturday delivery, and Alaska and Hawaii surcharges, and they add up quickly.”

Express Mail doesn’t charge extra for any of those options.

Moseley said that online access to Express Mail, cou­pled with the Transguardian.com online insurance options, has the potential to save his customers hundreds of thou­sands of dollars each year.