Express Mail

New price and product changes will be effective Monday, May 12, 2008. Today we will discuss the changes to Priority Mail and Express Mail service.

Express Mail service will change to weight- and zone- based pricing, which is consistent with standard industry practices. Price charts for “Custom Designed,” “Post Office-to-Post Office,” and “Post Office-to-Addressee,” are being replaced with a single price chart. Custom designed pricing will be offered through agreements with mailers. We will no longer make an automatic second delivery attempt on the next regular delivery day unless requested by the customer. The retail price for the Express Mail Flat-Rate Envelope will change to $16.50.

We will now have commercial base prices 3 percent lower than retail for customers purchasing Express Mail postage through Click-N-Ship® service, or an autho­rized PC Postage® system as well as for customers using an Express Mail Corporate Account (EMCA). With authorized PC Postage and EMCAs, we can track Express Mail purchases, and customers can qualify for additional rebate incentives.

Express Mail “Open-and-Distribute” shipments are eli­gible for commercial base prices. Also, Express Mail prices will be zoned using the same zone chart as with other classes of mail.