The new price change introduced a new Limited Circu­lation discount in Periodicals. To qualify for the discount, the publication issue must have fewer than 5,000 Outside- County copies and must have In-County copies. If there are multiple postage statements for the issue, the In-County copies may be on one or more of these postage statements but do not have to be on every postage statement for the publication issue. The total Outside-County copies on these postage statements must not exceed 5,000. Since these postage statements could be at different acceptance offices, we depend on the mailer to state that there are no more than 5,000 Outside-County copies for the publication issue. The Limited Circulation discount is applicable to Regular and Science of Agriculture Periodicals. PS Form 3541, Periodicals Postage Statement, reflects this discount on the same line as the Nonprofit and Classroom 5 percent discount on line B16 + part C + part D + part E. Mailers using PS Form 3541-M, Postage Statement Periodicals All Issues in a Calendar Month, may not claim this discount. Further details are available in the February 20, 2008, Fed­eral Register.