Package Services

Overall, there are modest increases and price reduc­tions in certain prices of Inter-BMC/ASF Parcel Post® service. We have reduced the nonmachinable surcharges for both Intra- and Inter-BMC/ASF parcels.

Bound Printer Matter (BPM) has two shape categories: flats and parcels. The percentage increase for BPM is lower for flats than parcels to encourage more flat-shaped catalogs.

In a change separate from the Mailing Services pricing change, but also effective May 12, all BPM, regardless of quantity or pricing claimed, can only be prepared and mailed as a permit imprint mailing entered through a busi­ness mail entry unit. Retail outlets will no longer have BPM pricing information in POS terminals. Therefore, BPM can no longer be mailed at retail outlets, placed in collection boxes, or given to a carrier. If the material being mailed is eligible, Library Mail and Media Mail® postage is still available at retail outlets.

Library Mail and Media Mail have prices that are linked by law and have low cost coverages. We have increased the prices by 4.5 percent.