Letter Language for Meter, PC Postage Customer Letters

Dear Customer:

As a valued [meter/PC Postage®] customer, we want to keep you informed of changes in postal products, ser­vices, prices, and fees. Effective Monday, May 12, postage prices and fees for all domestic and international mail will be changing.

The impact of these changes for business mail custom­ers will vary depending on the amount and shape (e.g., letters, large envelopes, packages) of the mail you send, mail preparation, class of mail, and any extra services you may choose.

Listed below are specific highlights from the price changes that may pertain to business mailers.

The First-Class Mail single-piece 1-ounce letter price will increase to 42 cents, while the additional-ounce price remains 17 cents. The weight limit for letters remains 3.5 ounces.

A large envelope (flat) will increase to 83 cents for the first ounce, and the additional-ounce price remains 17 cents.

The new First-Class Mail® 1-ounce automation letter prices begin as low as 32.4 cents (12.5 cents for each addi­tional ounce) and the automation-rate for postcards will be as low as 19.9 cents.

Annual mailing fees will increase to $180. However, the new fees will not apply until they are up for renewal.

If you are an authorized PC Postage customer produc­ing individual shipping labels, you may qualify for new com­mercial base prices for Express Mail® and Priority Mail® items. Express Mail commercial base prices are 3 percent lower than retail, and commercial base prices for Priority Mail service are 1 to 11 percent lower than retail prices.

Delivery Confirmation™ service will continue to be available at the same prices in retail and electronic options for Priority Mail items, First-Class Mail packages, and Package Services packages. The retail fees for Delivery Confirmation service remain 65 cents with Priority Mail ser­vice, and 75 cents with First-Class Mail and Package Ser­vices packages.

For additional information, please give us a call or go to www.usps.com/prices.