Rural Carrier Fixed Credit

Prior to May 10, exchange any Forever Stamp quantities in a rural carrier fixed credit with $.41 stamps. All Forever Stamp quantities need to be in the unit reserve stamp stock or the retail floor stock for reevaluation.

IRT and eMOVES Offices

The unit reserve custodian will exchange the rural car­rier’s Forever Stamp booklets with regular denominated 41-cent stamp booklets. Ensure the Forever Stamp book­lets are added to the unit reserve stamp stock to be reval­ued on May 12, 2008.

POS ONE Offices

A retail associate working from the retail floor stock will exchange the rural carrier’s Forever Stamp booklets follow­ing the Exchanging Stamp Products workflow:

Note: When completing an exchange, the item(s) must be equal to the value of the item(s) being exchanged.

Note: The amount required to satisfy the exchange is dis­played as a negative total at the bottom of the notebook area. The amount total of loose stamps sold is displayed in the message.