Standup Talk for All Employees

On May 12, 2008, prices will be adjusted for mailing ser­vices (which includes First-Class Mail® (including First-Class Mail International™), Standard Mail®, Peri­odicals, Package Services, and Special Services, and for shipping services (which includes Express Mail®, Prior­ity Mail®, Parcel Select®, Parcel Return Service, and International Mail). These changes are consistent with the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006.

Other major changes include:

All postal employees should be aware of the opportuni­ties these changes offer our customers and the Postal Service™. Many recent USPS News LINK articles pro­vide detailed background information on the upcoming changes and what they mean. See the LINK Online News Archive at; click March 2008 or April 2008, or go to for additional information.

Some of the highlights of the changes to Express Mail and Priority Mail are the introduction of commercial base pricing.

Express Mail commercial base pricing offers prices that are 3 percent below retail for customers as follows:

In addition, we’re adding commercial volume prices in the form of quarterly rebates based on volume thresholds for customers who pay postage through an Express Mail Corporate Account (EMCA) or Federal Agency Account, and registered end users of PC Postage products.

Priority Mail commercial base pricing will be offered to customers as follows:

When these items are brought into a Post Office they will contain the printed identifier “Commercial Base Pricing” on the postage label in the text area of the indicia for easy identification by the accepting postal employee.

The upcoming changes provide many opportunities for you to promote the benefits of using postal services and products to customers, family, and friends. Please take advantage of these opportunities.