Summary of Changes to Priority Mail and Express Mail Services

What is changing?

Express Mail

Zone-based Pricing: Formerly, Express Mail® service was priced based on weight only, regardless of distance between origination and destination. Effective May 12, prices will be based on distance and weight, in accordance with standard market practices. This new pricing is more closely tied to costs, and it improves our ability to sell against the competition.

Commercial Price Incentives: Customers using Express Mail Corporate Accounts (EMCAs) — including Federal Agency Accounts — and Click-N-Ship® service, as well as customers who are registered end users of PC Post­age® service and produce individual shipping labels will receive a 3 percent price reduction. Commercial base price reductions apply to postage only and not extra services such as additional insurance and pickup on demand ser­vice.

Additionally, customers shipping postal quarter mini­mum volumes will also receive the following rebates:


Minimum Quarterly Volume

Additional Percentage Off

Retail Prices (Rebate)







Hold for Pickup: Express Mail Post Office to Post Office service will now be called “Hold for Pickup” (HFPU). This service has expanded to approximately 31,000 Post Offices™ and almost 2,500 Automated Postal Cen­ters®. The pieces will be identified with Label 11-A. Let­ter carriers should not deliver Hold for Pickup Express Mail items and should not attempt delivery after the end of the 5-day hold period. After 5 calendar days, the undelivered Hold for Pickup Express Mail items should be returned to sender.

Redelivery: Express Mail items not delivered on the day of arrival will no longer receive an automatic redelivery attempt the next day. If delivery cannot be made on the first attempt, PS Form 3849, Delivery Notice/Reminder/Receipt, will be completed and left at the delivery address. A second notice will be delivered on day three, and unclaimed Express Mail items will be returned to the sender on calendar day five.