Suggested Publicity Ideas for Stamp Dedication Events and Related Activities

There are many opportunities available for promoting the Charles and Ray Eames stamps, particularly the design community, including art design students, educators and other postal stakeholders.

  • Nationally, PAC has worked with the Eames Office and Herman Miller galleries to identify museums and galleries where Eames work can be found. If there are museums or Herman Miller galleries near you, please involve them in your planning process.
  • To schedule an event in a museum, start first with the PR contact on the list included in this kit. Ask if tick­ets could be made available to attendees to tour the museum as part of the event.
  • The Eames stamps provide an opportunity for out­reach to local colleges and university art design departments. Contact the dean of the art department and ask to meet with him/her to discuss the Charles and Ray Eames stamps. Ask if the art department is interested in hosting an on-campus event that brings working designers and art design students together. Suggest a mix-and-mingle format and schedule the event at a time that will maximize news coverage potential. Don’t forget the student newspaper to promote the event. This event might include an intro­duction of the stamp designs by the postmaster, along with a panel discussion of modern design with local artists and educators serving as panelists.
  • Sponsor or host a design challenge for students at the local high school, community college or art school to draw/sketch/create and photograph an original piece. Turn the winning design into a piece of customized postage that the school or local Post Office™ could sell. The winning design also could be turned into a premium postcard or greeting card through the CardStore at
  • There has been tremendous interest in USPS Art Director and Designer Derry Noyes who designed the Eames stamps and knew the designers personally. She is available for media interviews upon request. If a media outlet is interested in interviewing Ms. Noyes, please contact Michael Woods (, 202-268-7236).
  • Form an event team consisting of the local postmaster, customer relations coordinator and district Marketing staff, and PAC representative.
  • Order stamp enlargements or framed stamp art and lapel pins for the event, and determine if the local Post Office is interested in making the stamps avail­able for sale at the event.