First Day of Sale and Special Dedication Event Planning Checklist

When planning Flags of Our Nation first-day-of-sale and special dedication events, keep the following suggestions in mind:

a. Begin planning immediately.

b. Coordinate with your Government Relations repre­sentative as you reach out to the state governors, or other state officials, to determine the location of your event, and to invite participation by the local Travel Industry Association (TIA) representative. You should secure Postal Service participants and other non-Postal Service participants including the head of the local Chamber of Commerce and local politicians.

c. Launch a local publicity campaign using the materi­als in this kit.

d. Draft a timeline and remarks for speakers.

e. Furnish a final briefing sheet to all ceremony partici­pants.

f. Plan retail opportunities encouraging sales of the stamps.

g. Prepare local invitations to the event.

h. Send news clippings to the local contacts of your Area Public Affairs and Communications.