Event Ideas and Preparation

Step up to the plate for Benjamin Award opportunities and Business Connect™ possibilities.

Unveil and sell the stamp and encourage your custom­ers to collect and send new and “gently used” equipment for children around the world.

IDEA #1:

Host an event in your retail lobby. Request that custom­ers bring in their gently used equipment. Have the blowup of the stamp image veiled out in front. Have the new Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Boxes and a computer and printer on hand. You and a participant can unveil the image, explain our relationship with Pitch In For Baseball, and then give customers a demonstration on how easy it is to use Click-N-Ship service to mail their used equipment.

IDEA #2:

Instead of hosting an event in your retail lobby, host it at a local Little League game or at a local neighborhood baseball game. As information, Little League Baseball’s regular season ends July 4, and if there is an All-Star game near you, that could present a good opportunity. More information on games and schedules can be found at www.littleleague.org.