1. When and where will the Take Me Out to the Ball Game stamp be dedicated?

The stamp will be dedicated on Wednesday, July 16, 2008, in Washington, DC, at an event at the White House.

2. Will this stamp have a nationwide first day of issuance?

Yes. The stamp will be available across the country on July 16.

3. Who pays the postage to send the “gently used” equipment to Pitch In For Baseball?

Our customers will pay the postage. We want them to collect the equipment and send it to the company. You can stress how easy and convenient our Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Boxes are to use and how they will get a discount by using Click-N-Ship service on USPS.com®.

4. How do you define “gently used”?

Pitch In For Baseball defines “gently used” as items that are not damaged or in need of repair. The best way to think about something being “gently used” is if you would feel comfortable giving it to a friend or family member. If in doubt, go ahead and send it in.

5. Do I have to plan an event in July?

No. You have all summer to plan an event.

6. Will the stamps be disseminated nationwide prior to July 16 so we will have them on hand for the na­tional first day of issuance?


7. When will I receive my POP kit?

POP kits will be received in the office the week of June 23, and you need to save the baseball POP to put up on July 16.

8. How long will this promotion be in retail?

The baseball POP in retail will be up from July 16 to August 30.