Special Procedures APO/FPO Absentee Ballots September 15–November 3, 2008

For the 2008 General Election, the United States Postal Service® and the Military Postal Service have again joined forces to expedite delivery of absentee ballots to overseas military personnel during the period of September 15 through November 3, 2008. Both agencies recognize the important role mail plays in the election process and are committed to ensuring that everyone who votes by mail experiences a smooth, well-organized process — one that provides them with the highest levels of trust and confi­dence. The following Special Procedures for APO/FPO Absentee Ballots are provided for election officials and postal employees.

Election officials should be requested to separate mili­tary absentee ballots by preparing direct bundles for each of the three ISC military gateways. Each bundle must be identified using a facing slip for the appropriate ISC. If there are less than five pieces to make a direct bundle, a mixed bundle may be prepared. Mixed bundles must have the facing slip marked, “APO/FPO MIXED — Absentee Ballots.”

When in doubt, election officials should check with the local Post Office. The latest information will be posted online at www.usps.com/electionmail/absentee.htm.