Completion and Location of Stamps by Mail Brochure Orders

Cyril Scott Company, the printer of Stamps by Mail® (SBM) brochures, has brought to our attention that a num­ber of Post Offices™ are not completing their PS Form 3227-O, Stamps by Mail Brochure Order Form, cor­rectly. You must provide a name of a person in the “Ship to” block. This name may or may not be the same as the contact name. Please make sure you also provide a correct ZIP+4® for the address in this block. All information must be readable.

Below is the procedure for locating missing SBM brochure orders:

1. Contact Cyril Scott Company at 800-466-0455.

2. Cyril Scott Company will verify the order and provide the status.

3. If the order was fulfilled and shipped to the Post Office, Cyril Scott Company will review the docu­mentation, trace the order, and verify the mailing or shipping information. If shipped by the Government Bill of Lading (GBL), Cyril Scott Company will provide the GBL number, destination signature, and all appropriate documentation to the Post Office. The Post Office must pay for the existing order.

4. The Post Office must contact the Headquarters Retail Access Channels SBM program manager and submit the missing order documentation to the fol­lowing address:

Retail Access Channels
Stamps by Mail Program Manager
475 L’Enfant Plaza Room 7540
Washington, DC 20260-7540

5. The SBM program manager will determine if a replacement order is warranted and communicate with the Post Office if any further action is required.

6. If a replacement order is granted, this order will be printed and shipped to the Post Office in the next printing cycle. HQ Retail Access will pay for the granted reprint.