Pictorial Postmarks

Stamp dedication events held on days following the first-day-of-issue or first-day-of-sale events are known as special dedication ceremonies. Postmasters must submit designed pictorial postmarks to the program manager at USPS, 1735 N. Lynn Street, Arlington, VA 22209-6432. The postmaster’s city, state, and ZIP™ Code must also appear in the postmark along with the word “STATION”. Post Offices™ can offer these postmarks through mail-back service for 30 days. The Postal Service must make all postmarking services known to collectors through advance publicity in the Postal Bulletin, therefore all special dedication pictorial postmarks must be reported to Stamp Services 2 weeks prior to the events on PS Form 413, Pictorial Postmark Announcement/Report. PS Form 413 may be found at http://blue.usps.gov/formmgmt/pt.htm. Postmasters can also refer to Handbook PO-230, Pictorial Postmarks.