Supply Management

2009 Calendars Now Available From OfficeMax Government Solutions

Microsoft Outlook is the Postal Service™ standard for calendar management and is a cost-effective alternative to ordering paper calendars.

However, if your office still requires 2009 paper calen­dars, they are now available from OfficeMax Government Solutions. Please specify OfficeMax Government Solutions as your source for paper calendars. You may order your calendars on eBuy, or if you don't have access to eBuy, through OfficeMax Government Solutions Customer Service at 888-229-USPS (8777).

For your convenience, the most frequently ordered cal­endars by USPS® personnel are listed below:




2009 Item Number

Price Each

Monthly Desk Pads, Jan–Dec 09, 22" X 17", At-A-Glance



Monthly Desk Pads, 22" X 17", 2009, Two Color At-A-Glance



Calendar Pad, Type II, 2009, NISH



3-Month Reference Wall Calendar, 12" x 27", 2009, At-A-Glance



Calendar Blotter Pad, 2009, Wall, UNICOR



Monthly Desk Pad, Recycled, Jan–Dec. 2009, At-A-Glance



Daily Desk Calendar Pads with Tabs, 3.5" x 6", At-A-Glance



Executive Monthly Desk Pad, 22" x 17", BK & RY, Visual Organizer



Daily Desk Calendar Refill, 3.5" x 6", 2009, At-A-Glance



Recycled Daily Desk Calendars, 3.5" x 6", At-A-Glance




This year, OfficeMax is offering 145 calendar products and nearly 200 personal planner options. To browse the additional products referenced above, visit the OfficeMax federal website at

Note: Case sensitive.

Review the photos, product descriptions, and Postal Service contract pricing when making your selections.

Ordering Through eBuy

If you have access to the Postal Service Intranet, you must order through eBuy. Go to; under “Essential Links” click eBuy. Once there, you can obtain an eBuy logon ID and password. If you have diffi­culty, contact your district or area eBuy representative to receive a logon ID and password.

Prepare and submit your eBuy requisition and get ready for a very organized and well planned 2009.