Supply Management

Industrial Lift Equipment and Batteries

Supply Management has reassigned contracting responsibility for industrial lift equipment and batteries to the Vehicles Category Management Center (CMC) in Philadelphia, PA. The Delivery, Industrial Equipment, and Telecommunications (DIE-Tel) CMC in Greensboro, NC, was the former office responsible for this equipment. The Vehicles CMC and DIE-Tel CMC are part of Supply Management’s Supplies Portfolio. The current suppliers, contracts, and contracting officers for this equipment are as follows:

Industrial Lift Equipment

Advance Lifts — Contract 1CIEQU-04-Q-1546
JLG — Contract 1CIEQU-04-Q-2869
Lift-A-Loft — Contract 1CIEQU-04-Q-2900
Southworth Products — Contract 1CIEQU-04-Q-1541

Contracting Officer: Kathleen Burt (215-931-5159)


Enersys Batteries — Contract 363199-02-P-0270

Toyota — Contract 363199-02-P-0075

Contracting Officer: Powell Bernhardt (215-931-5186)

Please be assured that you will receive the same cus­tomer service excellence from the Vehicles CMC that you received from the DIE-Tel CMC in Greensboro, NC.