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News & Updates

PCC Insider Industry ›
PCC Insider® is your source for news about the U.S. Postal Service®, Postal Customer Council (PCC) activities, and issues that affect the mailing industry.
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National & Premier Accounts News & Information
Keep up with important mailer news and bulletins, as well as find other useful resources.

NPF – National Postal Forum ›
The Forum's goal is to provide education to business mailers and communication/feedback between the USPS® and its business customers for a more responsive and efficient mail communications system.

Postal Bulletin ›
The Postal Bulletin serves as the official source of updates to Postal Service policies and procedures.

USPS News ›
Get the latest news and information about our organization.

USPS Service Alerts
Consumers, small businesses, and commercial mailers can get information about postal facility service disruptions due to weather-related and other natural disasters.

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Resources & Information

Rapid Information Bulletin Board System (RIBBS®) ›
This system provides up-to-date information on mail restoration programs, impacted delivery areas, and the latest on postal and mailer news, as well as helpful links, locators, and calculators.

Get more information on the following USPS topics…

  • Address Quality
  • Business Forms
  • Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS)
  • Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®)
  • National Postal Customer Council (PCC) Website
  • Network Distribution Center (NDC)
  • PCC Insider
  • Postal Periodicals and Publications
  • Postage Price Tables
  • Postal Bulletin
  • Postal Explorer®
  • Quick Service Guides
  • Shipping Supplies


Visit the RIBBS site index ›

MTAC – Mailers' Technical Advisory Committee ›
The Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) is a venue for sharing technical information with mailers and to receive their advice and recommendations on matters concerning mail-related products and services.

DMM Advisory ›
The Domestic Mail Manual provides the mailing standards of the United States Postal Service.

Find Area Focus Groups ›
The Postal Service® supports forums that meet with members of the First-Class Mail®, Periodicals, and Standard Mail® industries to discuss and find solutions for service issues, share information and ideas, and provide opportunities to work with industry and postal management.

All Forms and Publications ›
Every form and publication we offer can be found here.  Menu items make it easy to find the forms and publications you need.

Network Distribution Centers (NDCs)
Formerly known as Bulk Mail Centers (BMCs), the BMC network has been re-engineered into a new system of Network Distribution Centers (NDCs). This network consolidates the processing of originating mail into fewer sites to increase operational efficiency, decrease costs, and maintain excellent service while expanding the surface transportation reach for more products. This change to our BMCs is an internal network change that doesn’t affect the general public.

Intelligent Mail® ›
Intelligent Mail products and services use machine-readable codes, such as barcodes, to uniquely identify mail. Large mailers can follow the progress of their mail through the many stages of processing all the way to delivery. This helps businesses to better manage their resources and expenses.

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Tools & Systems

BMEU – Business Mail Entry Unit ›
A Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) is a USPS facility that processes bulk business mail. Mailers submit business mail for below retail prices to a BMEU. BMEU acceptance employees are responsible for verifying the mail to ensure that mailings are prepared to business mail price standards and that revenue is collected in a timely fashion.

BSN – Business Service Network ›
The Business Service Network (BSN) is a nationwide network dedicated to providing service support to the business customers. The BSN assists major mailers in the resolution of service issues, information requests, and address validation assistance related to Carrier Pickup and Pickup on Demand® services.

BSN eService ›
Business Service Network eService is a state-of- the-art program that allows customers to create and monitor service requests online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Verify and Transport Your Mail ›
Verify important mail date and get your mail moving with convenient USPS applications.

MDA – Mailpiece Design Analyst Support Center ›
The Mailpiece Design Analyst (MDA) Support Center is a centralized agency that routes Mailpiece Design requests from customers to MDAs who have specialized industry expertise, providing services such as information about Intelligent Mail®, mailpiece analysis and review, and hand held templates.

Service Standards ›
The Service Commitments application provides service standards for a mailing service based on the entered ZIP™ criteria.

electronic Mail Improvement Reporting (eMIR) through the PostalOne! System ›
eMIR provides an effective process for notifying mailers of irregularities in the preparation of mail they present to the Postal Service. 

The ePUBWATCH system allows registered publishers to record subscriber complaints in a single database – a centralized source of information to assist us in pinpointing systematic delivery problems.

Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST®) ›
The FAST application allows customers to schedule drop ship appointments and provides advance notification of mailings.  This lets USPS better match resources with the expected workload.  The FAST application interfaces with dock systems, like TIMES, VTAPS, and Surface Visibility to automatically close and track appointments.

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