Organize a PCC Event

Your PCC® can help local business mailers become experts in postal products, services, and mail quality tools by offering workshops, courses, and professional certification programs. Find the guidelines, educational materials, trained speakers, and marketing collateral you need to organize your next PCC event.

Plan the Event

Workshop and Professional Certificate Program Guidelines…

  • Plan your workshops to last 60 minutes.
  • Award certificates to those who attend at least 4 workshops within the same subject matter area.
  • Help participants network by including a general session, like an opening session or lunch session as one of the requirements.
  • Make sure certificates are mail-related.
  • Keep track of attendance.
  • Verify course content with HQ Program Manager.

The program is flexible and you can tailor it to participants’ needs. The requirements can relate to one event or carry through a whole series.

Read up on event Standard Operating Procedures DOC | TXT

Incorporate Educational Materials

PCC Workshops-in-a-Box are educational PowerPoint presentations specially designed for PCC educational and training events. They’re suitable for business mailers or anyone looking for tools and expertise in postal products, services, and mail quality improvement.

You use these presentations to hold individual workshops… or they can easily be combined to create a customized professional certificate program.

Download presentations at the USPS® National Customer Support Center web site ›

Schedule a Speaker

Request an officer of the U.S. Postal Service® or a speaker from headquarters to address your PCC on their area of expertise. These mailing industry experts are prepared to speak on their topic at your next event. Each speaker is…

  • A mailing professional or executive with 5 years of industry experience.
  • An expert in a particular aspect of the mailing industry.
  • A veteran featured speaker at National Postal Forums, Direct Marketing Association events, or other large industry gatherings.
  • Fully versed in the mission and operation of PCCs.
  • Willing to travel to local PCC events. Plan ahead. Headquarters Officers often commit to speaking engagements months in advance, so send your request (with an alternate speaker selected) at least 8 to 10 weeks before the event.

And keep in mind…

  • Industry speakers at PCC events shouldn’t represent a direct Postal Service competitor or a competitor’s subsidiary.
  • Presentations must be designed to educate the audience, not promote or sell products or services.
  • A copy of the presentation should be provided to the PCC for preview.
  • Speaker’s fees are the PCC’s responsibility.
  • USPS doesn’t endorse any of the listed speakers or companies.  

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Enhance with Marketing Collateral

Use these assets and marketing material to educate and grow your membership.

Enhance Your Event Media with Logos, Graphics, and Marketing Collateral ›