Request a Speaker for a PCC Event

The National PCC® Team will assist PCCs with obtaining Postal Service™ Headquarters (HQ) personnel to speak at PCC events, including officers, executives and staff members.  All requests must be sent to the team for processing.  Circumventing the National PCC Team to request a speaker is prohibited.

To ensure a smooth and effective process please adhere to the following steps

  • Download and complete the PCC Speaker Request Business Case Requirements Form. RTF
  • Provide as much information as possible for each item on the form. All items on the form must be completed.
  • Email the completed form to the National PCC Team at
  • Email the form between six and eight weeks prior to the date of the event.

Upon receipt of the completed form, the National PCC Team will review it and determine the appropriate HQ person to pursue.  When a final decision has been made, the National PCC Team will inform the PCC and provide specific actions that must be taken at least 30 days prior to the PCC event.

Other important information

Submitting requests prior to eight weeks will not result in an earlier decision by a HQ speaker.  When a decision is made prior to eight weeks, there is a good chance that a speaker might have to cancel due to a schedule conflict.

If an officer accepts a PCC speaker request, please note that officer is limited to 1 event per year per PCC.  Two or more HQ officers can not participate at the same PCC event at the same time.

A request might not be consider if the PCC event is 30 days prior to or after the National Postal Forum Conference or National PCC Week.

PCC Industry Speaker's Bureau
The PCC Industry Speaker’s Bureau can help local PCCs secure a speaker and also assist speakers with the preparation for an event. 

Available Speakers
The following document contains contact information for individuals with expertise in the mailing industry who are willing to speak at PCC functions. PCCs should contact speakers directly.

Download the list of PCC Speakers XLS | CSV (Industry) | CSV (USPS)

Each speaker has met the following criteria...

  • Mailing professional or executive with 5 years of mailing industry experience.
  • Expertise in a particular aspect of the mailing industry.
  • Featured speaker at National Postal Forums, DMA events or other large industry meetings/events.
  • Full understanding of the mission and operation of PCCs.
  • Willingness to travel to local PCC events.

Please note the following...

  • Industry speakers at PCC events may not represent a direct Postal Service competitor or a competitor's subsidiary.
  • Presentations must be designed to educate the audience, not promote or sell products or services.
  • A copy of presentation should be provided to the PCC for preview.
  • Speaker's fees are the PCC's responsibility.
  • USPS® doesn't endorse any of the listed speakers or companies. 

Guidance for Speakers
The National PCC Speakers' Guide is intended to be an overview of everything you will need to know regarding your role as a speaker. Included are tips and suggestions for preparing your presentation and delivering it to your audience.

Download the National PCC Speakers' Guide RTF

 Provide Feedback

Add to the wealth of institutional knowledge by asking the speaker to complete a “Presenter Questionnaire” and by asking the members of the audience to complete a “Participant Questionnaire”

Submit a Presenter Questionnaire ›
Submit a Participant Questionnaire ›

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