Medal of Freedom

The Postmaster General’s Medal of Freedom was created in 2001 to recognize outstanding individual contributions to the Postal Service. The first recipients of the medal were Thomas L. Morris, Jr., and Joseph P. Curseen, Jr.
Both men worked at the Brentwood mail processing facility in Washington, D.C., and both died in October 2001 of inhalation anthrax. The medals were presented to their widows during a memorial service held in their honor by the Postal Service.

The Postmaster General’s Medal of Freedom honored Mr. Morris and Mr. Curseen for making the ultimate sacrifice as they served others.

After closing in 2001, the Brentwood facility reopened in December 2003 with a new name: The Joseph Curseen, Jr., and the Thomas Morris, Jr., Processing and Distribution Center. A large plaque on the building states:


We are poorer for their loss but richer for having been touched by these dedicated, hard-working heroes. We will never forget.