The history of the United States Postal Service

The history of the United States Postal Service

Colonial Times

The Postal Service Begins

Early Postal Legislation

The Constitution and the Post Office

Ebenezer Hazard, Postmaster of New York

Benjamin Franklin, First Postmaster General

Abraham Lincoln, Postmaster

Other Famous Postal Workers

The Postal Role in U.S. Development

Alexis de Tocqueville

Moving the Mail


The Pony Express

The Confederate Post Office Department

Mail by Rail

Owney, Mascot of the Railway Mail Service

Star Routes

Reaching Out To Everyone

Free City Delivery

City Delivery Pioneer

Rural Free Delivery (RFD)

Postmasters in the Mid-19th Century

U.S. Postage Stamps

The 20th Century

Parcel Post

Postal Savings System


New York to San Francisco

Airmail Pilot Bill Hopson

ZIP Code

New Deal Art: Eager and Alive

Post Office Names

Post Office Buildings: Shapes and Sizes

Postal Reorganization

Reform Proposal

Postal Reorganization Act

United States Postal Service

Finances and Rates


Labor-management relations



Postal Mechanization and Early Automation

Rates for Domestic Letters

ZIP+4 Code

The Automation Age

Sorting Letters Better

Processing Flats

Processing Parcels

Automating Mail Handling and Acceptance

Giving Customers Greater Access

Intelligent Mail

The Postal Service Board of Governors

Governors of the Postal Service

Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee


Measuring Improvement

Transformation Plan

Partnering With Customers and Competitors

President’s Commission on the Postal Service

Budget Impacts of 2003 Legislation: Escrow Fund and Military Service Benefits

Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006

Dealing With the Unimaginable

Medal of Freedom

Everyday Heroism

Delivering Despite Disaster

Protecting the Mail

Extending Mail Service

Cleaning the Mailstream

The De Autremont Train Holdup, 1923

Pursuing Rogues and Robbers

Protecting the Innocent

The Office of Inspector General

Discovering Savings

Postmasters General

Statistics: Pieces & Post Offices

Significant Years in U.S. Postal History

Delivery in Cities: A Visual Timeline

How A Letter Travels

Research Sources



Postal Insignia