You will need a primary inner sift-proof container, cushioning material, and an outer shipping package.

Note: A sift-proof container is any vessel that does not allow loose powder to leak or sift out. There are many options available to store cremated remains — from simple wooden boxes to decorative urns. USPS® recommends consulting with a licensed funeral director to help you select the best container.

Inner Primary Container

  • Domestic Shipping: The inner primary container must be strong, durable, and constructed in such a manner as to protect and securely contain the contents inside. It must be properly sealed and sift-proof.
  • International Shipping: A funeral urn is required as the inner primary container. It must be properly sealed and sift-proof.

Seal and Address the Inner Primary Container

In the event the shipping label becomes detached from the outer container, the Postal Service recommends that you put the sift-proof container in a sealed plastic bag. Then, attach a label with the complete return address and delivery address on the sealed plastic bag and the wording “Cremated Remains.”