USPS® Global Express Guaranteed® Air Waybill (Shipping Label) (PS Form 11FGG1)
Instructions for completing and processing the GXG International Air Waybill (Shipping Label)

All information entered on the Air Waybill (Shipping Label) must be completed in English. Customers should keep the Sender's Copy of the Air Waybill (Shipping Label) for their records. All remaining copies should accompany the shipment. The form is completed as follows:

  1. From
    Enter the date and the sender's full name, phone number, and complete delivery address (including ZIP Code).
  2. To
    Enter recipient's full name, phone number, fax (if applicable), and complete delivery address (including ZIP Code/Postal Code). Include the Recipient's Tax ID number (if applicable). A complete delivery address must be provided to be eligible for the Money-Back Guarantee. 
  3. Shipment Information
    This information does not replace a Commercial Invoice (PS Form 6182) on shipments for which that document is required. However, this information must match the information on the commercial invoice when a commercial invoice is required.

    Documents Check if the shipment contains only correspondence and printed matter.

    Non-Documents Check only if the shipment contains any items other than correspondence and printed matter. Recipient may be required to pay import duties and taxes. This shipment may be subject to inspection.

    Enter a complete description (i.e., What is it? What is it made of? What is it used for?) of each commodity and indicate if it is for resale or not. The description "document" is not an acceptable description. Specify the type of document (e.g. diploma, birth certificate, etc). Enter the Harmonized Tariff Schedule Number for each commodity in the shipment (if known).

    Country of Manufacture Enter the country where each commodity was produced.

    Total Value for Customs  (Required by Customs officials for possible assessment of duties and taxes.) This amount represents the selling price or fair market value (even if not sold) of the contents of your shipment. This amount must agree with the value shown in box 18 on the Commercial Invoice (PS Form 6182). 
  4. Required Signature
    This Air Waybill (Shipping Label) must be signed by the sender or company representative. 
  5. Postal Use Only
    This box is to be completed by USPS Acceptance Personnel. Enter Acceptance Date In, Acceptance Time In (check AM or PM), Scheduled Delivery Date, Acceptance ZIP + 4 Code, Employee Initials, Dimensions in Inches, Weight of Shipment (in pounds/ounces), Postage in US Dollars, Insurance Fee Only in US Dollars, Total Postage and Fees in US Dollars, and Packaging Type --check GXG packaging or type of customer-provided packaging (for Other, enter packaging type).


GXG International Waybill


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