A. Purpose. The Global Express Guaranteed® Service Guide sets forth the policies, regulations, and procedures governing Global Express Guaranteed services provided to the public by the United States Postal Service.

B. Explanation. Volume 19.1 replaces Volume 19 (April 2019) of the Service Guide.

C. Distribution. The Global Express Guaranteed Service Guide, Publication 141, is distributed to all GXG acceptance sites and available online at about.usps.com/publications/pub141.pdf.

D. Sale to the Public. The Service Guide is not available for public sale. External customers may access the Global Express Guaranteed Service Guide online at about.usps.com/publications/pub141.pdf.

E. Technical Issues. For technical support with the Service Guide, Please contact Daniel Ikem via e-mail at Daniel.Ikem@usps.gov or phone at (202) 268-5797 or Owen Qiu via e-mail at Owen.Qiu@usps.gov or phone at (202) 268-8527.