Postage and Fees

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Postage prices for Global Express Guaranteed shipments are calculated based upon the country of destination (see Exhibit 1, pages 15-18). There are eight price groups (see Exhibit 2, pages 19-21).

The prices for items mailed in USPS-supplied Global Express Guaranteed envelopes are based on the actual weight of the piece. For items weighing less than 1/2 pound, round up to the 1/2 pound price. For all other weights, round up to the next whole pound. The prices for all other items not mailed in USPS-supplied Global Express Guaranteed envelopes are based on dimensional weight (see DIM Weight pages 3-4) or the actual weight, whichever is greater.

  1. Methods of Payment
    Postage may be paid by postage stamps, postage validation imprinter (PVI) labels, postage meter strips, PC postage or other payment methods as described at

    Additionally, customers can pay for postage online via credit card. Customers who prepare and pay for their Global Express Guaranteed shipments online at will be eligible for discounted postage prices, a standard 10% for all online shipments.

  2. Official Mail
    A. Mailings by Federal Agencies
    Global Express Guaranteed shipments that are entered by federal agencies and departments are subject to the same postage payment requirements, weight and size limits, customs form requirements, and general conditions for mailing as Global Express Guaranteed shipments that are originated by non-governmental entities.

    B. USPS Mailings
    Global Express Guaranteed shipments mailed as Official Business by U.S. Postal Service entities must bear the G-10 permit indicia, and are subject to the same weight and size requirements, and general conditions as USPS Official Mail.


Money-Back Guarantee

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If the shipment is accepted at a designated USPS retail outlet or other authorized location by the specified deposit time for Global Express Guaranteed service, the shipment will be delivered to the recipient in accordance with the transit times outlined in the Service Guide on or before close of business in the local time zone or we will refund your postage paid, as outlined below. Check with your local authorized USPS acceptance office for specific information about services and the Money-Back Guarantee. If the shipment is not delivered by the scheduled day and you file a refund request, the USPS will refund the postage unless: 1) the delivery was attempted but could not be made; 2) the delivery address was incomplete or inaccurate; or 3) the shipment was delayed by circumstances beyond our control as outlined in the Terms and Conditions on the Air Wayblill (Shipping Label), the Service Guide, or Click-N-Ship. This Money-Back Guarantee does not apply to shipments to P.O. Box addresses acceptable for delivery. All requests must be initiated within 30 days of the mailing date by contacting a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-222-1811; this representative will provide more details on how to file a refund request. The original receipt of this Air Waybill (Shipping Label) may be required when filing a refund request.

The Illustration below taken from the Countries & Cities Served (Section III) demonstrates how to determine the transit time for Global Express Guaranteed shipments. Delivery is available to the destination within the number of days that is listed to the right of the respective city under the DOC or NON-DOC columns. (see chart below)

(see chart below)
Money-Back Guarantee Transit Times Image

Note: If the calculated delivery day lands on a day of the week in the country that is not an operating day, go to the next operating day of the country to determine delivery day. (For example, customer drops off an item Wednesday, number of transit days is three (3), and the calculated delivery day is Saturday in Israel. Saturday is not an operating day for this country. Sunday is the next operating day, and therefore the delivery day.)


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