Enhancing the Physical Layout of Your Mail Center

Properly designing a physical layout for your mail center is in itself a preventive security measure.


When developing policies and procedures for your mailroom, the key word is “prevention.”

This is a general guide to help you establish sound security protocols for your business.


Screen mail center personnel.

Clearly label authorized receptacles for U.S. Mail.

Ensure that mailroom location, furniture, and mail flow provide maximum security.

Install alarms and surveillance equipment.

Limit mailroom access to authorized personnel.

Eliminate mail distribution delays.

Protect postage and meters from theft or unauthorized use.

Lock high-value items overnight.

Verify and secure accountable items.

Maintain control of address labels.

Securely fasten labels to mail items.

Check that postage meter strips do not overlap labels.

Ensure that labels and cartons do not identify valuable contents.

Include a return address, and duplicate the return address label inside mailed items.

Ensure presort and ZIP+4® savings are taken when applicable.

Prepare parcels to withstand transit.

Use containers and sacks when possible.

Do not leave mail in an unsecured area, and deliver outgoing mail directly to Postal Service custody.

Separate employee parking from mail delivery area.

Immediately report lost or rifled mail to Postal Inspectors.

Ensure supervisors can see all employees and work areas.

Screen contractors who provide delivery services.

Eliminate any unnecessary stops by your delivery vehicles.

Establish procedures for handling unexplained or suspicious letters and packages.

Periodically test mail for loss and for quality control.

Verify Postal Service receipts for meter settings against authorized amounts

Regularly check postage meters.