You should consider these areas of concern:

How extensive is your pre-employment screening?

When you conduct pre-employment screening, check the job candidate’s criminal records, have him/her undergo a drug-screening test, perform a credit inquiry on him/her, and verify his/her former employment. When you interview a job candidate in depth and at length, you may identify potentially derogatory information.

What may prompt an employee to steal?

Employees’ personal situations can change quickly. An honest, trusted employee can become a thief because of need. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, and marital or health problems can cause an employee to become dishonest. Mail center supervisors must be alert for personality changes that could signal problems. Take precautions to protect your company from theft: Reducing the opportunity to steal is an essential prevention technique.

Who should accept and drop off mail AND other valuables?

Only authorized employees should be assigned to accept mail at the office. Give your local Post Office a list of authorized employees to keep on file. If staff changes, update the list immediately and inform the Post Office to avoid unauthorized staff from receiving mail. It’s crucial to keep the list current, especially when you process accountable mail, such as registered and certified letters.

If your company sends out or receives valuables, vary the time of day and direction of travel between your office and the Post Office. Check periodically to determine if your mail couriers are making unauthorized stops or leaving mail unattended in unlocked delivery vehicles.