Identifying the Right Security Plan

Your vulnerability and that of your workplace depends on many factors, both internal and external. No individual or company is completely immune from attack. Your security officer and top managers should meet to evaluate the probability that your company or its personnel become targets for mailed bombs and bomb threats.

Postal Inspectors recommend you consult with security experts about terrorist tactics and to receive a vulnerability assessment. The Postal Inspection Service can guide you in establishing a secure mail center and detecting letter and package bombs. Call a Postal Inspector near your workplace. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has additional information on bomb threats and physical security planning at

Since most explosive devices are placed, not mailed, your security plan must include controls over individuals who can physically access and move about your workplace and its immediate surroundings. These controls can reduce your company’s risk.

Ask the questions shown on the next page during your assessment to develop information that will help identify company officers or employees who could be targeted or organizations that may attempt a bombing.

Foreign terrorism

  • Does your company have foreign officers, suppliers, or outlets? If so, in what countries? Are you doing business in countries where there is political unrest and civil strife, or where terrorist organizations operate? Has your company refused to do business with, withdrawn from, or failed to successfully negotiate business contracts with companies, organizations, or governments within the last 2 years that are affiliated with current terrorists or that represent countries suffering domestic unrest? Does your company manufacture or produce weapons or military support items for the international arms trade that would normally bear markings identifying the organization as the manufacturer?

Domestic hate groups

Workplace violence

Note: Care must be given not to violate an employee’s privacy. All information should be treated as extremely sensitive and should be shared only with the mail center security coordinator in the event a suspicious letter or package is received. The information should not be disseminated to other employees.