Solicitations Disguised As Invoices

Don’t be victimized by con artists who try to get you to order goods or services by mailing solicitations that look like invoices. The unscrupulous individuals who mail these know that some unsuspecting individuals will be fooled by their appearance and will automatically pay, thinking they may have placed an order but forgot about it.

Some solicitations disguise their true nature. Others identify themselves as solicitations, but only in the fine print. In either case, withhold payment until you have verified whether you actually ordered and received the goods or services reflected on the document. If not, do not pay. You may have received a solicitation in the guise of an invoice.

Business Tip: Watch out for “Yellow Pages” advertising invoices designed to look like they’re from your local telephone directory publisher. You can almost always be assured that these bills are bogus. Charges for genuine Yellow Pages advertising will appear on your local telephone bill.