Work-at-Home Offers

Con artists know that working at home is an attractive alternative for many. That’s why they place such ads. Maybe you’ve even responded to one. Thousands of people have helped unscrupulous promoters pocket victims’ hard-earned dollars.

Beware! Work-at-home schemes will not guarantee regular salaried employment. They will require you to invest your money before you learn how a plan works or before you are sent instructions. The work you are asked to do often continues the fraud by getting other victims involved.

The most common type of work-at-home fraud is envelope stuffing. Typically, there is nothing to stuff. Instead, you receive instructions on how to deceive others by placing an ad like the one you responded to! Other schemes require you to assemble gift and specialty products for which there is little or no market.

Always suspect any ad from the mail or via the Internet claiming you can earn unusually high income with little or no effort on your part.