Conditions of Use

The Postal Service grants a limited license to use the Official Election Mail logo only under the conditions set forth in 1 through 4 of this section. The Postal Service views any use of the logo inconsistent with these conditions as an infringement of its intellectual property rights.

  1. This license is granted only to federal, state, and local government voter registration and election officials. Use by any other person or entity is not approved or licensed and will be considered an infringement of the rights of the Postal Service.
  2. The Official Election Mail logo must be used only on Official Election Mail, mailed under the authority of an election official. The logo may not be used on any partisan mailings.
  3. The Postal Service reserves the right to obtain information regarding the scope of use, to seek the termination of all unauthorized uses, and to pursue all legal remedies available.
  4. Use of the logo must conform strictly to the guidelines set forth in this guide. Placement of the logo on a mailpiece must not interfere with the postage area, address area, return address area, or barcode clear zone.

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For questions about mailpiece design and placement of the Official Election Mail logo and to receive camera–ready artwork of the Official Election Mail logo, send requests to an MDA either by emailing or by calling 855-593-6093.

Direct your questions regarding the limited use, conditions, and legal policy related to the Official Election Mail logo