Physical Address Hygiene and Quality

The following four products will help ensure that all your addresses are deliverable — and also identify those with address deficiencies:

  1. Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS). CASS–certified address matching software will help standardize your addresses and update your files with ZIP+4 codes. You can get CASS-certified software from numerous mail service providers or have your own software CASS-certified. Having ZIP+4 codes on your mail improves the speed and efficiency of your mail delivery and can reduce postage prices.
  2. Delivery Point Validation (DPV). DPV can confirm the existence of an address on a mailing list as a valid delivery point and helps you identify inaccurate or incomplete addresses. You must use the DPV product in conjunction with CASS-certified address matching software. DPV is available from various vendors or can be acquired by the end user.
  3. Address Element Correction (AEC). AEC is an entirely computerized address correction process which uses logic routines to assist in ZIP+4 coding previously un-coded addresses, allowing mail to qualify for discounted automation prices.
  4. Address Element Correction II (AEC II). AEC II is for addresses that AEC cannot resolve electronically. In AEC II, addresses are sent to delivery personnel, carriers, and clerks in local Post Offices for resolution.