How to Use This Guide

You will find eight sections in this guide. Each of the following sections provides information election officials must consider before they mail:

I. Determining the Appropriate Class of Mail to Use.

II. Using Reply Mail and Sending Mail to Armed Forces Personnel and Overseas Voters.

III. Preparing Your Address List.

IV. Consulting with a Postal Service Area and District Customer Relations Manager to Plan the Mailing.

V. Filing Required Forms for Postage Discounts and Other Mailing Services.

VI. Working with a Mailpiece Design Analyst to Ensure Mailpiece Quality.

VII. Preparing and Presenting the Mailing.

vIII. Election Mail Checklist.

Each of the sections in this guide contains a brief description of the topic, the most pertinent items to consider, and references for additional information. You can access the information in this guide and additional resources on

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