8 Postage Refunds and Indemnity Claims

8-1 Postage Refunds

8-1.1 Postage Refunds — General

Note: This section provides information on general refund requests. For information on refund requests for domestic service failures, see 8-1.2; for indemnity claims, see 8-2.

If your company requests a postage refund to the advance deposit account, or if an adjustment for postage is necessary for underpayment for some other reason, submit the request in writing to the district manager of Business Mail Entry. Accompany each request with supporting documentation, a clear explanation of the discrepancy and why it occurred, and corrective action taken to ensure that it does not recur. If your company detects any occurrence of postage underpayment, it is your company’s responsibility to report it to the acceptance Post Office within 5 working days from the date of detection. Any postage refund request or postage underpayment occurrence may trigger a review by the Postal Service to determine why the system did not detect the discrepancy and whether you have taken proper corrective action to prevent a recurrence. The district manager of Business Mail Entry makes a decision on the validity of a postage refund request or postage underpayment. When the district manager of Business Mail Entry determines that a postage overpayment or underpayment was due to a system failure in the shipment operation, the Postal Service will charge the administrative processing cost to you. In that event, you agree to either separately pay the administrative processing cost, or to allow the Postal Service to adjust the overpayment or underpayment amount, as appropriate.