Mail Security Center

The mail center is a major gateway into any business or government agency. Below is information on identifying and responding to security threats in mail centers.

Security Controls for Commercial Mailers ›
This worksheet will help you assess your business' security controls.

FAQs about Security Controls for Commercial Mailers ›
These FAQs explain the objectives and procedures of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service's Security Initiative.

Suspicious Mail Poster ›
These tips can help protect you, your business, and your mailroom.

Mail Tampering Poster ›
Tampering with mail will get you a new home, new friends and a new job.

Mail Center Security Handbook
Detailed manual addressing weapons of mass destruction, threats, mail bombs, and employee safety. PDF | HTM

Best Practices for Mail Center Security ›
Quick reference guide for mail centers of all sizes. Tips and guidelines compiled from postal, government, and private industry mail centers.

Other Mailroom Safety Resources
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