Chapter 4:  Preliminary 2004 Annual Performance Plan
B.  Explain Changes in Goals, Objectives, Indicators, Measurement Systems, and Targets
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The Postal Service has not made any changes in the goals and objectives (sub-goals) in the 2004 Preliminary Performance Plan, compared to the previous year. Service performance measurement will be extended to include Quarter 1 for both Priority Mail two day air and First-Class Mail three day service. Improved service performance targets are proposed for both Priority Mail two day air service and First-Class Mail two day service.

The business environment of the Postal Service continues to change, based on the U.S. economy, the actions of competitors, the introduction and adoption of new technology, and other unpredictable events beyond the control of postal management. These have been described in detail in the Transformation Plan, April 2002.

As a result of these changes and the implementation of transformation initiatives, the framework for Postal Service strategic performance goals, objectives, and measures continues to evolve. Potential adjustments to performance objectives, indicators and measurement systems are under review and may be incorporated into the final 2004 Annual Performance Plan.

There are several important areas where postal performance is reported separately to relevant government agencies and to Congress. For example, the Postal Service Affirmative Employment Annual Accomplishment Report is filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), as required. Results are reported quarterly, and detailed statistical information from the Diversity Reporting System (DVRS) is provided on request to the General Accounting Office, the EEOC, Congress, and other internal and external stakeholders. It is redundant to include this goal in the Annual Performance Plan.

It is important to limit the number of GPRA corporate goals to those issues that are critically important to the achievement of the mission of the Postal Service in order to focus attention on the most important results desired by postal customers and the American public. Several other management objectives previously included in the Annual Performance Plan, such as training, implementation of the REDRESS program, affirmative action, and customer satisfaction are still used by the Postal Service to drive performance. However, these objectives are more effectively tracked at the functional, unit, and individual level and have been incorporated into the National Performance Assessment program.

Congress has also indicated that agencies should develop additional specific goals during the GPRA process. During 2004 the Postal Service will be working on refining preliminary performance objectives and developing measures to address three new critical issues, as defined by Congress: Physical Security and Safeguarding the Mail; Ensuring Data Integrity and Reliability; and, Maintaining Information Security and Customer Privacy.

While these are important policy goals that have attracted considerable public and legislative attention, they do not directly support the key performance measures relevant to the mission of the Postal Service. Therefore, they will be assigned to specific functional areas, which have the primary responsibility for program implementation, such as the Postal Inspection Service or Information Technology, rather than adopted as corporate goals.

3  This is not a GPRA requirement. However, the General Accounting Office has recommended that the
    Postal Service Include this in its GPRA Reporting.

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B.  Explain Changes in Goals, Objectives,
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