Chapter 5:  2002 Performance Report
A.  Introduction
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Table 5.1 Performance 2001:  Goals and Results

Goal Sub Goal Indicator
VOC Growth
Timeliness and
First-Class Overnight On Time (EXFC)
(Orig & Destinating Composite)
Express Mail
(Orig & Destinating Composite)
On Time Next Day
Priotiry Mail
(Orig & Destinating Composite)
On Time Within 2 Days
(PETE Network)
2/3 Day
(Orig & Destinating Composite)

Delivery Confirmation Scan Rate
(Priority Mail)

VOE Motivated,
Productive and
Inclusive Workforce
Minimize Impact from Accidents
and Absences

Employees Committed to
USPS Success

OSHA Illness/Injury Rate

VOE Survey

VOB Affordability
Improve Productivity To Control Costs and Improve Contribution Levels and Grow the Business
Total Factor Productivity

Area Productivity Improvement

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Explanations:  Items in parentheses describe the relevant measurement system. Italics indicate clarifications of relevant goal for operational implementation. Threshhold items are basic requirements for maintence; they must be achieved in order to qualify for consideration in other categories. All targets are subject to change to adjust for external factors, such as economic conditions and workload changes.

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Chapter 5 Table of Contents

A.  Introduction

B.  Year in Review

C.  The Planning Process

D.  The Three-Voice Structure
     and Performance Goals

E.  Voice of the Customer Performance
     Goals:  Growth

F.  Voice of the Employee Performance
     Goals:  A Motivated, Productive
     and Inclusive Workforce

G.  Voice of the Business Performance
      Goals:  Financial Performance

H.  Evaluation of 2002 Performance
     and Changes to Goals and Subgoals
     in the 2003 Plan