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Address Change Service
Address database quality
Address element correction
Address management
Address quality improvement
ADVANCE Notification and Tracking System
Advertising mail (see Standard Mail)
Affirmative employment program
Air tracking system, dedicated
Airline assignment, automatic
Anthrax eradication, purchases for
Automation, flat mail
Automation, letter mail
Automation, parcels
Barcode certification
Business mail acceptance
Business service network
Capital One Negotiated Service Agreement (MC2002-02)
Change of Address
Channel management
Coding Accuracy Support System
Collection Box Management System
Collective bargaining
Combined Federal Campaign
Compensation and benefits
Confirm Classification Case (MC2002-01)
Corporate contact management
Costing, activity based
Customer feedback analysis
Customer relationship management
Customer satisfaction ratings
Delivery Confirmation
Delivery Operations Information System
Delivery points (total addresses served)
Delivery unit operations
Dependent care
Disabilities, employment of individuals with
Diversity, supplier
Domestic Mail Manual, revised
Electronic address sequencing
Electronic Publication Watch System (ePUBWATCH)
Electronic services, secure
Emergency preparedness funding
Employee Assistance Program
Employee career advancement
Employee compensation
Employee development
Enviromental Programs
Equal Employment Opportunity
Executive Mail Center Manager Program
Experimental Periodicals Co-Palletization Drop Ship Discounts (MC2002-3)
Experimental Suspension of Fee for Manual Delivery
Financial highlights
Financial management initiatives
First-Class Mail Service Standards Complaint Case (C2001-3)
Flexible Spending Accounts
General ledger, replacement
Government Performance and Results Act of 1993
Governors, Board of
Health insurance
Hispanic program
Hybrid mail services
Income and expense statement
Information Platform
Information technology infrastructure
Injury compensation
Intern programs, new
International mail
Leave programs
Licensing program
Life insurance
Locatable Address Conversion System
Mail distribution
Mail processing, support systems for
Mail Recovery Centers
Mail transport equipment
Mail volume, historical and projected
Mailers Technical Advisory Committee
Managed Service Points
Management associations, consultation with
Marketing technology
Material handling
Merit pay performance evaluation
Monthly reporting
Move Update implementation
Multiline Accuracy Support System
National diversity recognition program
National Postal Forum
Omnibus Rate Case (R2001-1)
Operations planning
Package services
Package Summit
Parcel select
Pay and benefits, executive
Pay and benefits, non-bargaining unit employees
Pay comparability
Payment services, online
Performance and Fiely Operations support group
Performance Report, 2002
Periodicals pricing test
Point-of-Service One (POS ONE)
Postage technology initiatives
Postal Career Executive Service
Postal cost apportionment and postal ratemaking developments
Postal Customer Council
Postal operations
PosteCS complaint Case (C99-1)
Preliminary 2004 Annual Performance Plan
Presort Accuracy Validation Evaluation
Pricing and Classification
Product development
Product redesign
Rapid Information Bulletin Board System (RIBBS)
Real estate inventory
Realty asset management
Remote encoding centers
Retail, standard accounting for
Retirement systems
Ride-Along Experiment Extension Case (R2001-3)
Safety and health
Sales, commercial
Security, information technology
Selection, evaluation and recognition
Self service
Semipostal stamps:  Breast Cancer Research, Heroes of 2001
Service performance measurement
Service to small or rural communities
Sexual harassment prevention
Shared services, accounting
Sorting technology
Special emphasis program
Special services
Staffing and scheduling
Stamp program
Stamps on Consignment
Standard mail
Startegic analysis and support
Strategic planning
Subscription based pricing
Succession planning
Sunday and Holiday Collections Complaint Case (C2001-1)
Supply management
Surface Air Management System
Surface Air Support System
Terminal dues and transit charges
Thrift Savings Plan
Time and attendance control system
Transformation Plan
Transportation Information Management System
Transportation, mail
Tray sleever
Tray sorter
Undeliverable-as-addressed mail
Veterans' employment
Violence prevention and crisis management
Welcome Kit
Women's program
Workers' compensation expense

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Chapter Listing

Chapter 1:  Compliance with Statutory Policies

Chapter 2:  Postal Operations

Chapter 3:  Financial Highlights

Chapter 4:  Preliminary 2004 Annual Performance Plan

Chapter 5:  2002 Performance Report

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