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Chapter 4
2005 Performance Report and Preliminary
2007 Annual Performance Plan

Table 4-3 Workplace Improvement Performance — Voice of the Employee Survey Ratings (Percent Favorable)
2001 Actual 2002 Actual 2003 Actual 2004 Actual 2005 Actual 2005 Target 2006 Target 2007 Preliminary
58.1 58.8 61.1 62.1 63.7 62.3 Better than EOY 2005 Better than EOY 2006

Source: Postal Service VOE Survey Index Ratings are from the end of each year (EOY).

Safety continues to improve within the Postal Service as evidenced by continued reductions in illness and injury rates.

Table 4-4 OSHA Safety Performance — Illness and Injury Rate
2001 Actual 2002 Actual 2003 Actual 2004 Actual 2005 Actual 2005 Target 2006 Target 2007 Preliminary
8.8 8.0 7.3 6.6 5.7 6.3 Better than
FY 2005
Better than
FY 2006

Source: OSHA Reports, Postal Service Safety Performance Management. The Illness and Injury rate is calculated using a formula provided by OSHA: "Total number of illnesses and injuries multiplied by 200 thousand hours divided by the number of hours worked by all employees. The 200 thousand hours represents the number of hours 100 employees working 40 hours per week would work, and provides the standard base for calculating incidence rates."

Note: Rates are yearly averages. Some data varies from previous reports. Reasons include changes made to comply with OSHA requirement to show accidents in the year they occurred rather than the year reported and changes resulting from updated medical information and recordkeeping reviews.

Given that these are industry standards, there are no changes to the goals, objectives, indicators, or measurement systems planned for 2006 or 2007. With the long-term commitment required to engage and leverage the talents of its large workforce for business results, the Postal Service will set performance targets for 2006 and 2007 to build on the progress made through 2005.

4. Improve Service: Timely, Reliable Delivery

The Postal Service has developed indicators, performance measurement systems, and targets for its premium services: First-Class Mail, Express, Mail, and Priority Mail. First-Class Mail results are reported publicly. Express Mail and Priority Mail performance results have been considered proprietary. However, under an agreement with the Postal Rate Commission’s Office of Consumer Advocate, the Postal Service will begin to report service performance data for Express Mail, Priority Mail, and Packages Services later in 2006.


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