About the Office of Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning reports to the chief financial officer, and is responsible for managing a world-class strategy function that includes implementing cross-functional initiatives that support organization-wide growth targets designed to improve net income and revenue.

The office supports the Executive Leadership Team in developing long-term strategies and priorities. It tracks progress on strategic initiatives, develops strategic reports and assists in sharing results with postal stakeholders and the general public. It also develops the USPS five-year strategic plan.

Strategic Management Office

The Strategic Management Office assists senior management in identifying, developing, and implementing strategic initiatives. The office uses a structured process that ensures strategic initiatives are supported by rigorously tested data, aligned with corporate priorities, include appropriate cross-functional involvement, and deliver results. It facilitates regular review of strategic initiatives by the Executive Leadership Team to evaluate progress and resolve issues. 

Strategic Business Planning

The Strategic Business Planning (SBP) team tracks external trends that may impact the Postal Service in the future and works closely with functional experts to focus on long-term economic and demographic trends, changing technologies and business practices and market developments.

SBP develops the USPS five-year strategic plan, the annual performance plan, the Comprehensive Statement on Postal Operations and the annual performance report, helping the organization align initiatives with strategic goals, enhancing the long-term positioning of the Postal Service by identifying and developing new initiatives and strategic alliances.

The office supports senior USPS leadership by managing comprehensive organizational reviews against NPA and non-NPA metrics on a monthly basis.

If interested in this type of work, email your resume to StrategicPlanning@usps.gov.