Supplier Diversity

Learn about the Supplier Diversity Corporate Plan.

Supplier diversity is a business process that proactively seeks to provide suppliers with access to purchasing and business opportunities. Supplier diversity is defined by…

  • Enterprise and Supply Management (SM) policies and objectives
  • The purchasing process
  • Continuous improvement and monitoring

Supplier diversity objectives include…

  • Continuous improvement of supplier diversity and relationships with small, minority-owned and women-owned businesses (SMWOBs)
  • Continued broad market research analysis of the supplier community to identify and select the best suppliers
  • Process improvements that promote opportunities for all suppliers to provide value-added products and services
  • Information promotion to Increase the awareness of Postal Service™ personnel responsible for supplier diversity

Laws, regulations, contract clauses, and contract provisions also contribute to shaping supplier diversity objectives.

The Supplier Diversity Corporate Plan is developed to ensure continued focus on improving our supplier relationships with SMWOBs. The Plan--comprised of nine elements--outlines the activities that align with processes and procedures identified in the Postal Service’s SPs and Ps.