Supplier Registration

Welcome to the USPS Supplier Registration site. All suppliers interested in doing business with the Postal Service must register their organization in our Supplier Registration eSourcing system.

  1. Suppliers should first search ( to learn about U.S. Postal Service solicitations as well as the notice of intent to post solicitations in the USPS eSourcing application.

  2. Following step #1, suppliers must complete a 2-step process to register their organization. To start the registration process, please complete the form referenced in the link below and attach as a word document in an e-mail message to Once the initial form is reviewed and approved by the Postal Service, the primary contact listed on the form will receive an e-mail containing login credentials and a link to the Coupa Supplier Portal.

    Supplier Registration Form

  3. After the supplier completes the Coupa Supplier Portal registration process, the Postal Service will review the registration entry for completeness and accuracy. The supplier will receive a final notification once the registration is approved.

Please note that your Coupa Supplier Portal username and password will be separate from your eSourcing event username and password. eSourcing event username and password will be set up if you are invited to a USPS event.

Please see the Quick Reference Guides referenced below for detailed information on supplier registration, solicitation event access, and event management. If you need additional help or have any questions, please contact the USPS eSourcing technology support team at

Thank you for your interest in partnering with the USPS. We look forward to doing business with you.

Quick Reference Guides


Supplier Training

See eSourcing training video
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