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Small changes add up. See how you can pitch in: greener choices with the U.S. Postal Service®

Did you know that the wood and paper industry plants 1.7 million new trees every day — over 650 million each year, more than making up for all the products made of wood? In fact, since 1987 U.S. forests have increased by 12 million acres to 755 million nationwide — about the same as 100 years ago.


The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes all mail as recyclable mixed paper waste, so don’t forget to add yours to the recycle bin when you’re done with it. And many shipping materials, like that cardboard box your shoes came in, can be recycled in your local recycling program.
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Speaking of that box your shoes came in, isn’t it the perfect size for sending your niece’s birthday gift? You can also shred old direct mail and reuse it as packing material to hold that gift in place.

Not only can you recycle the mail you receive, but you can also share your magazines and catalogs with family and friends, or donate them to hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices for the waiting room, to retirement communities, and to schools for use in art projects.
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When you move, make sure to update your address. This ensures that you receive the mail you want and reduces waste.
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